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What are the biggest business risks in 2024?

By February 18, 2024March 18th, 2024News

Staying secure in today’s ever-changing business world is crucial. The Allianz Risk Barometer 2024 sheds light on emerging threats businesses must navigate and we provide a top line update of the key, emerging risks for 2024.

Cybersecurity Battles Rage On:

Cyber incidents (ransomware, data breaches) remain the top concern for the third year running. New attack methods and a lack of cybersecurity expertise demand stronger defenses.

Business Interruptions Bite:

Supply chain disruptions continue to worry businesses, emphasising the need for robust continuity plans.

Natural Catastrophes Strike Back:

Record-breaking weather events in 2023 propel natural catastrophes to number three, highlighting climate change’s impact.

The Resilience Gap Widens:

Larger companies invest in resilience, while smaller businesses often lack resources, hindering recovery from unforeseen events.

Regional Risks Emerge:

Climate change worries Brazil, Greece, Italy and Australia, while political risks gain ground globally.

The Path to Security:

Proactive risk management – from cybersecurity to supply chain resilience and climate preparedness – is vital for business continuity and growth.

Protect Your Business:

Contact on of the Insurance Mentor team for professional advice and tailored insurance solutions to help navigate the evolving risk landscape.

(About the Allianz Risk Barometer)

This annual ranking by Allianz surveys over 3,000 risk professionals, offering valuable insights for businesses worldwide.

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